ABOUT – Luxxology


Meet Ashlee, the brains behind it all.

Ashlee fell in love with fashion, buttery soft leggings, Mommy and Me sets and so much more. She also loves creating customized items like shirts, cups and cute tops for mom and baby! So through this passion for fashion, she decided to create Luxxology! She started this boutique with a dream and a leap of faith, and it has turned into something amazing that she never could have expected to take off so quickly!

 Aside from running Luxxology, Ashlee is a Momma to two beautiful daughters, and is married to a wonderful man named Josh. Josh is a Journeyman- Lineman.  And if you don’t think all of that was enough, she is also a full time student.  She is a pretty busy woman, but she loves it that way, and is a firm believer in the motto ‘Everything in life happens for a reason!” Below are pictures of Ashlee, and her family.


Meet Robyn, Ashlee's trusty sidekick.

Robyn started out as Ashlee’s assistant, but quickly fell in love with the company and the products. She worked hard every day, and Ashlee soon saw what an asset she was which resulted in Robyn being quickly promoted to COO (Chief Operating Officer) of Luxxology, and Ashlee’s right hand gal!  She started working with Ashlee never knowing how much she would come to love it, and it has now taken on a life of its own for Robyn, becoming a passion and dream of her own!

Aside from helping run Luxxology, Robyn is also a Momma of two beautiful Daughters, and is married to an amazing man named Martyn. Martyn is a senior systems engineer, and creator of Labtech Geek.  Robyn is a busy family woman, both of her daughters are involved in sports and school activities, which keep her busy, but she loves being their number 1 fan and the loudest mom on the sidelines! Her personal passions (aside from Luxxology of course) are writing and travel, which she does as frequently as she can! Her Motto in life is: ‘Life is not about waiting for the storm to pass, it’s about learning to dance in the rain.” Below are pictures of Robyn, and her family.